Septic Inspections

Buying a new home is a huge undertaking, to say the least.  One feature, often overlooked during the buying process of a property is it’s waste water management system, or septic system.  We offer comprehensive State Certified septic system inspections.  It is our goal to provide each prospective homeowner with necessary information to make an informed decision during the buying process.  A typical septic system inspection includes the following:

  • Locating and digging the septic tank cover(s) and inspecting the baffles and general condition of the tank.
  • Inspection of effluent pump and associated float switches (only in systems that are not gravity fed).
  • A pipe inspection and locating camera is used to follow the outlet pipe from the tank to the leach field to determine the location of the leach field.  The camera is often used to determine the general condition of the leach field as well.
  • Typically one or more access points are dug in the leach field during the inspection, this may vary depending on the type of leach field found.
  • We encourage prospective homeowners to be present and ask questions during an inspection.  This is a great opportunity to become educated about the workings of the septic system.
  • A detailed written report with photographs will follow every inspection.

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