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Exceptional Septic Service

Provided to Central and Mid-Coast Maine Since 1962

Drain line clearing

We are equipped to perform sewer and drain line cleaning with our power snake or high pressure water jet.  Certain conditions will dictate what equipment will be used.  Typically roots or other heavy blockages or obstructions will be cleared using the power snake. Pipes plugged with soap scum, grease, or sand are often best cleared with the water jet.

Camera Service

Once your sewer or drain line is unplugged and free-flowing, we will inspect the pipe with our camera to insure the pipe is cleared to the best of our equipment’s capability.  We will inspect the pipe conditions to confirm the condition does not warrant more extensive repair or replacement.  Photos of the trouble areas can be taken and provided upon request. Our camera is equipped with pipe location technology; we are able to mark the pipe location for repair if necessary.

High pressure jetting service

Frozen sewer lines, cellar drain lines, and driveway culverts can cause backups and damage during very cold winter months and spring thaw. We are equipped to thaw these. Our high pressure water jet machine is equipped with its own supply of hot water. We can reach approximately 200’.

Plugged cellar drain? We can also help with that.  Our high pressure jetter service is most successful when the homeowner can direct our technicians to the outlet end of the cellar drain.  The majority of the time, the issues are in the cellar drain exit pipe, and not in the perimeter drain.  To be successful we need to approach the issue from the downstream end of the pipe.

High Praise From Our Clients

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Exceptional Septic Service

Provided to Central and Mid-Coast Maine Since 1962