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Exceptional Septic Service

Provided to Central and Mid-Coast Maine Since 1962

Pump replacement

We offer sewer pump replacement service for most all residential and some commercial pumps.  From grinder pumps to effluent pumps, we stock a wide variety of pumps.  Having the products needed on-hand allows for much less downtime for your septic system.  We also stock other pump components like check valves and float switches.

Liberty Pumps

We primarily offer Liberty pumps.  Liberty pumps have proven to be reliable and offer a 3-year warranty in residential applications.

High level alarm panels

We also stock several types of high level alarm panels and pump control panels for septic pumps. Our in-stock panels range from basic to Wi-Fi capable.  Wi-Fi capable panels can notify the homeowner of an issue via text message.  We find them particularly helpful in seasonal homes, they can be used for applications in septic pump stations or holding tank high level alarms.

Types of septic pumps

Grinder pumps are used when raw sewage containing solid material and inorganics need to be moved to a higher elevation. The material in the water is ground up and the slurry is pumped to a higher elevation, usually to a town sewer connection or a septic tank. 

Effluent pumps are used downstream from a septic tank and are used to transfer effluent (water not containing solids), typically to a leach field. Effluent pumps are necessary when the leach field is at a higher elevation than the septic tank. 

Solids handling pumps are designed to pump wastewater containing solids without grinding it, usually to town sewer connection or a septic tank.

High Praise From Our Clients

See why our clients keep coming back for our professional and reliable septic solutions.

Exceptional Septic Service

Provided to Central and Mid-Coast Maine Since 1962