Why does a septic tank need to be pumped?

A septic tank is a water tight structure that works in conjunction with a leach field.  The septic tank traps and holds the solid material from the wastewater stream from the home.  Therefore, it is necessary to have the tank cleaned out to insure the cleanest water possible is entering the leach field.

How often should my tank be pumped?

Based on our experience most residential septic tanks should be pumped every 3-5 years.  However, particular usage and circumstances (water softeners and garbage disposals) require a tank to be pumped more frequently.

What kind of toilet paper should I use?

Any toilet paper that is not “quilted” or extra soft is best for your septic system.  Quilted and soft toilet paper do not break down as readily and take up more space in the septic tank.

How deep is my tank/how far from the house?

Tank location and depth can vary greatly from one house lot to the other.  Rectangular areas where the grass appears burnt or dead during the summer months or where the snow melts in the winter months may indicate your tank location.

What is the difference between a holding tank and a septic tank?

A holding tank is a water tight structure that does not discharge water to a leach field and are typically found at seasonal residences.  A holding tank must be pumped each time it fills up.  A septic tank is a water tight structure that receives wastewater from the home and is designed to separate the water from the solid material and discharge the water to the leach field.